Tuesday, February 17, 2015

YG Family Concert Japan Backstage

Because majority of our viewers are YG stans. :) Enjoy~
Disclaimer shown on screen. Don't panic when you see unsubbed parts, the subs will reappear in a second or two :)
Raw video credit by iKON_Global.
Fully subbed by Ace & Hana.
Encoded by Hana.


Super Idol Chart Show - Seungyoon Cut

WINNER Kang Seungyoon #10 - Nagging-disease!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MASTA WU - COME HERE ft. Bobby & MINO live

This song like any other rap song has tons of double meanings/wordplay. You can find tons of different perspectives of it online but I'll try to give you the most accurate meaning.

1. Everyday I just do addition, and I don't see you, not even a glimpse.
This addition he meant is the that he constantly improves himself and adds on to his talents/skills which 'you' don't as he can't see you do anything.

2. 'I divide too but you just pick your nose'
The phrase, 'you just pick your nose' sounds like 'you just multiply' which means Mino is trying to say dividing as he shares with others while the rest 'multiplies' = greedy/selfish.

3. A vision that's higher than my vision.
Vision can mean both 'sight' & 'the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.' In Korean, it also sounds like 'skills'. Hence the meaning is,
1) His skills is better than he himself expected.
2) He sees himself achieving a higher goal/aim/target than his actual vision.

4. Because I'm always kind, you think I'm Dooly?
The word he used for the word 'kind' sounds like Dooly(a cartoon character)'s catchphrase.
The line 'you think I'm Dooly(dul-li)' sounds like 'you think I'm two-people(du-li)'.
Hence he's making a reference to the kind soft rapper from WINNER that most people know and the fierce and strong rapper MINO as the 'two-people'.

5. needle thief becomes a cow thief
It's a Korean proverb which means 'All bad habit begins with small mistakes like "a stealing a needle", therefore, one should be careful or be aware of the consequences of small mistakes.

Hope this makes you understand the song better :) - Ace
Translation done by Ace. Take out with credit!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

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