As of 9 Feb 2015, MBSubs will be handled by Ace.

Ace - Translator. Timer. Typesetter. Editor. Uploader. SNS Admin. Site Creator.
Hana - Timer/Typesetter. Encoder.
Aryan - Timer/Typesetter. Encoder.
Sheena - Timer/Typesetter. Encoder.

Thanks to:
Aini - Timer/Typesetter. Encoder.
Gia - Timer/Typesetter.
Arena - Timer/Typesetter.
Tim - Translator.
Milly - Translator
Lily - Translator. Timer/Typesetter.
All hangul/romaji/english translations sites we used for our subbed videos, such as pop!gasa, colorcodedlyrics.com etc :)
HelloFlora - for all the WINNER raw videos!

More information:
*We are not affiliated with any company and our videos are never monetized so we sub for FREE.
*Be friendly to us and we'll be friendly to you. We do not tolerate bashing/insulting/bullying of any staff members.

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