If you want to help you, you can always help out as a timers, typesetters and encoders. Do view the job scopes to see which categrory/job you most likely want. Yes, you can pick more than one, however, please be reasonable with the workload you can handle.

Job scope:
Timers: Must be able to use Aegisub. Not necessary but it's a plus to be skilled in Karaoke-timing and subbing. First-timers welcomed.
Typesetters: Have a wide range of fonts. Korean & English, that are both readable and pretty. Vibrant use of colours in order to match mood, setting and atmosphere of videos. First-timers welcomed.
Encoders: Able to encode raw videos and .ass files(Aegisub) with the highest video quality possible. Preferably, must have a large database in computer/laptop & strong internet connection.

Please be honest in the application form. We will reply to you very soon.

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